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Sailing Instructions
Club Racing @ WOSC in 2017

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1) Definitions.

Words in italics are either defined under this heading or in the Racing Rules of Sailing. The racing programme is the programme as published in the West Oxfordshire Sailing Club (WOSC) Programme of Events and as amended by notices on the official club notice board situated in the foyer at WOSC.

The course board is the blackboard situated in the garage.

Instructions containing shall are deemed to be mandatory.

The WOSC PN list is the list of Portsmouth Yardstick Numbers and corrections situated in the Race Officer  (RO) box. 

The race committee shall be formed from not less than 3 members of the sailing committee.

2) Rules.

Racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2017-2020, the prescription of the RYA and class rules except as any of these are amended by these Sailing Instructions.  The RRS will be changed as follows.

Rule Number Alteration
27.1   Course defined on the course board    
32.2   Finishing line and shortening course redefined in section 13 
40    Flag Y will not be flown
45    Preparatory replaced by 1 minute
A2    As defined in the POE
A4    2 minute late start = DNS
A7    Race ties

3) Entries.

3.1) All helmsmen shall be members of WOSC for all club events, except, those designated as Open Events in the WOSC  racing programme. Certain races and series may have eligibility restrictions as designated in the racing programme.

3.2) All helmsmen shall complete the Entry Form for each race. It is situated in the garage under the course board before the commencement of racing.

3.3) Personal buoyancy shall   be worn at all times by any person in or on any type of craft racing or otherwise. Competitors failing to comply with this rule may be subject to disqualification without a hearing. Self-inflating buoyancy aids are not permitted. Wetsuits and drysuits DO NOT constitute personal buoyancy. Flag Y will not be flown. This amends rule 40.

4) Eligibility Requirements for Boats.

Eligible boats shall have only one hull with an overall length not exceeding 5000 mm, and a Portsmouth Number (PN) not less than 1000 as defined in YR2 / 2017.

5) Notices to Competitors.

Notices to competitors will be posted on the official club notice board.

6) Alterations to the Sailing Instructions.

Any alterations to the sailing instructions will be posted on the official club notice board at least 30 minutes before the affected races. Any alteration to the racing programme will be posted at least one week before it will take effect.

7) Signals made Ashore.

7.1) Signals made ashore will be displayed on the WOSC main mast.

7.2) Postponed races will be indicated with flag AP with two sound signals.

7.3) The warning signal will be made not less than 1 minute after AP is lowered.

8) Schedule of Races.

The schedule of races is set out in the WOSC racing programme. The published start times indicate the earliest permissible time.

9) Class Flags

       Class flags will be:-

       General Handicap                  No 3

       Fast Handicap                       No 4

       Slow Handicap                      No 5

       Single Handed                      No 7

       Crewed                                No 8

       Additional class flags will be defined on the course board as required.

10) Racing Area.

10.1) The racing area is shown in illustration A.

10.2) A boat shall not sail into the swimming area as defined in illustration A, or make contact with any of the area buoys. This area shall be treated as an obstruction. A protest committee may disqualify any boat contravening this rule.

11) Courses.

11.1) The course shall be displayed on the club course board at least 20 minutes before the first warning signal.  It will be described both pictorially and listed by buoy. The list will take precedent.  This amends rule 27.1.

11.2) The marks may be a mixture of the fixed marks and any movable marks the Race Officer (RO) deems necessary in order to provide a reasonable course.

12) The Start.

12.1) Racing shall commence using rule 26, in the order stated in the racing programme. Warning signals will be given 5 minutes before the relevant starting signal.

12.2) The start line may be either between the club main mast and a mark, or a mast on the committee boat and a mark. An inner distance mark may be used.

12.3) Boats whose warning signal has not been made shall avoid the starting area.

12.4) A boat starting later than 2 minutes after her starting signal will be Scored Did Not Start (DNS) without a hearing.

This alters rule A4.

12.5) Where an inner distance mark is laid in conjunction with the committee boat, a boat shall not pass between it and the committee boat after her preparatory signal, treating the area as an obstruction.

13) The Finish.

13.1) The finishing line may be any of the following.

A line between the club main mast and the post with a triangle on the far Eastern shore.

A line between the club main mast and any other mark of the course.

A line between the committee boat mast and any mark of the course.

13.2) Only helmsmen retiring are required to sign the declaration sheet after racing.

13.3) At the discretion of the RO a boat may be finished having completed less laps than the lead boat. Any boat finished in this manner can’t be placed ahead of boats that did complete the course, unless the race is defined as an average lap race in either the racing programme or special sailing instructions.

13.4) For races which are designated as ‘average lap’ the ‘about to finish’ Flag shall be Flag ‘S’ accompanied by 2 sound signals which shall be flown as the leading boat of the race (or if more than one race is in progress any race) approaches the last mark of the round, and she shall finish as she then crosses the line. All subsequent boats crossing the line shall then be finished.

This amends  rule 32.2

13.5) The course ends at the finish line when Flag S is flying.

14) Race Scores

The number of races to qualify in each series are defined in the racing programme.  This amends rule A2.

For average lap races the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick system will be used.

If boats are tied at the finish, or if a handicap system is used and boats have equal corrected times, the points for the places for which the boats have tied shall be awarded equally using the minimum points of the group. This amend A7.

Crewed boats sailed single-handed shall have their PN adjusted as defined in the WOSC PN list.

15) Protests.

Protest forms are available from the Race Officers box.

Protests concerning racing shall be delivered there within 1 hour of the last boats finish in the relevant race.

Protests concerning finishing positions shall be delivered to the Race Officers box within one week of the results being posted on the official club notice board.

16) Hauling out,  Making  Fast,  Anchoring Restrictions.

A boat shall be afloat and off her moorings not less than 1 minute before her starting signal. This amends rule 45.

17) Replacement of Equipment.

Requests for substitution for damaged, lost, or interchanged boats or sails within a series (with the exception of the WOSC club boats) must be noted by the competitor on the signing on form prior to the start of the race.

18) Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to each crew of the first three places in a series or specifically named race.

19) Boats and Competitors in Difficulties

When the Race Committee or the Patrol Boat Operative considers that a boat or competitor is in difficulties it may instruct the boat or competitor to accept outside help, retire or sail ashore.


20) Disclaimer of Liability.

The following Risk Statement also appears in the renewal form for 2013 and is reproduced below.

Rule 4 of the Racing rules of sailing states:’ The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.” Sailing is by its nature an unpredictable sport and therefore inherently involves an element of risk. By taking part in the event, each competitor agrees and acknowledges that:

(a)      They are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport and accept responsibility for the exposure of themselves, their crew and their boat to such inherent risk whilst taking part in the event;

(b)      They are responsible for the safety of themselves, their crew, their boat and their other property whether afloat or ashore;

(c)      They accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to the extent caused by their own actions or omissions;

(d)      Their boat is in good order, equipped to sail in the event and they are fit to participate;

(e)      The provision of a race management team, patrol boats and other officials and volunteers by the event organiser does not relieve them of their own responsibilities;

(f)      The provision of patrol boat cover is limited to such assistance, particularly in extreme weather conditions, as can be practically provided in the circumstances;

(g)      Their boat is adequately insured, with cover of at least £2million against third party claims;




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