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2023 Results

 Series  Type  Start  End
 Results of Away Races       Away Races Entered  Various  01-JAN  31-DEC
 Frostbite 2  General Handicap  29-OCT  31-DEC
 Frostbite 1  General Handicap  29-OCT  31-DEC
 Boxing Day Race  General Handicap  26-DEC  26-DEC
 D. Minty  General Handicap  22-OCT  22-OCT
 Sprint Series 3  General Handicap  15-OCT  15-OCT
 Firefly Fleet  Class  05-MAR  08-OCT
 Wayfarer Fleet  Class  05-MAR  08-OCT
 Friendly   General Handicap  20-AUG  08-OCT
 Autumn 2  Fast and Slow  20-AUG  08-OCT
 Autumn 1  Single Handed and Crewed  20-AUG  08-OCT
 Hardwick Hardship  General Handicap  01-OCT  01-OCT
 Diamond Jubilee Sprint.htm  General Handicap  10-SEP  10-SEP
 Evening Paddle  General Handicap  05-APR  30-AUG
 Evening 2 - SH / Crewed  Single Handed and Crewed  21-JUN  30-AUG
 Start Racing at WOSC Session 5  general Handicap  20-AUG  20-AUG
 General Handicap 2  General Handicap 2  25-JUN  13-AUG
 Midsummer 2  Single Handed and Crewed  28-MAY  13-AUG
 Midsummer 1  Fast and Slow  28-MAY  13-AUG
 Start Racing at WOSC Session 4  General Handicap  30-JUL  30-JUL
 Diamond Jubilee Junior Regatta Others  General Handicap  29-JUL  29-JUL
 Diamond Jubilee Junior Regatta Oppies

 Class Optimist

 29-JUL  29-JUL
 Sprint Series 2  General Handicap  23-JUL  23-JUL
 Pursuit  Pursuit  16-APR  16-JUL
 Start Racing at WOSC Session 3  General Handicap  25-JUN  25-JUN
 Night Race  General Handicap  24-JUN  24-JUN
 Solo   Class  30-APR  18-JUN
 General Handicap 1  General Handicap  30-APR  18-JUN
 Evening 1 FS  Fast and Slow  05-APR  14-JUN
 WOSC Diamond Jubilee Regatta - Overall  General Handicap  10-JUN  11-JUN
 WOSC Diamond Jubilee Regatta - Sunday  General Handicap  11-JUN  11-JUN
 WOSC Diamond Jubilee Regatta - Saturday  General Handicap  10-JUN  10-JUN
 Start Racing at WOSC Session 2  General Handicap  28-MAY  28-MAY
 Summer  Single Handed and Crewed  30-APR  21-MAY
 Start Racing at WOSC Session 1  General Handicap  30-APR  30-APR
 Sprint Series 1  General Handicap  23-APR  23-APR
 Easter Egg Races  General Handicap  09-APR  09-APR
 Blenheim  General Handicap  02-APR  02-APR
 Warm Up  General Handicap  05-MAR  26-MAR
 Spring  Fast and Slow  05-MAR  26-MAR
 Transom  Single Handed and Crewed  05-MAR  26-MAR
 Winter 2  General Handicap  08-JAN  26-FEB
 Winter 1  General Handicap  08-JAN  26-FEB
 Albacore Sprints  Class    
 Firefly  Class  14-OCT  15-OCT
 Lightning Rum & Mince Pies  Class  11-NOV  11-NOV
 Solo  Class  01-JUL  01-JUL
 Wayfarer  Class  22-APR  23-APR
 Wanderer  Class  22-APR  23-APR

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