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WOSC PY Numbers

The WOSC Portsmouth Number List for 2023 applies from 01-MAR-2023 (inclusive).

The WOSC PN list is based on the RYA List.

The current RYA list does not contain all of the classes listed below.
The PNs for these "missing" classes are retained from earlier WOSC lists
Please note that the WOSC Sailing Instructions prohibit racing of boats with a PN less than 1000, such classes have been omitted from the list below.

Class Name Number No. of Crew Fleet
420 1100 Crewed Fast
2000 1114 Crewed Slow
ALBACORE 1037 Crewed Fast
BRITISH MOTH 1165 Single Slow
BYTE CII 1135 Single Slow
COMET 1210 Single Slow
DEVOTI D-ZERO 1029 Single Fast
ENTERPRISE 1126 Crewed Slow
ENTERPRISE (S/H) 1108 Single Slow
EUROPE 1141 Single Slow
FIREFLY 1174 Crewed Slow
FIREFLY (S/H) 1155 Single Slow
GP14 1133 Crewed Slow
GRADUATE 1120 Crewed Slow
GULL 1363 Crewed Slow
GULL (S/H) 1341 Single Slow
HARTLEY 12 1250 Single Slow
KESTREL 1038 Crewed Fast
LARK 1065 Crewed Fast
LASER / ILCA 7 1101 Single Fast
LASER 4.7 / ILCA 4 1210 Single Slow
LASER PICO (S/H) 1365 Single Slow
LASER RADIAL / ILCA 6 1150 Single Slow
LIGHTNING 368 1160 Single Slow
LIGHTNING 368 SR 1205 Single Slow
MEGABYTE 1072 Single Fast
MIRROR (D/H) 1387 Crewed Slow
MIRROR (S/H) 1377 Single Slow
NATIONAL 12 1064 Crewed Fast
NATIONAL 12 (S/H) 1047 Single Fast
OK 1104 Single Fast
OPTIMIST 1635 Single Slow
PHANTOM 1002 Single Fast
RS 200 1046 Crewed Fast
RS FEVA XL 1248 Crewed Slow
RS TERA PRO 1364 Single Slow
RS TERA SPORT 1445 Single Slow
RS VAREO 1093 Single Fast
SCORPION 1043 Crewed Fast
SOLO 1142 Single Slow
SOLUTION 1096 Single Fast
STREAKER 1128 Single Slow
SUPERNOVA 1077 Single Fast
TASAR 1017 Crewed Fast
TOPPER 1369 Single Slow
WANDERER 1193 Crewed Slow
WANDERER (S/H) 1174 Single Slow
WAYFARER 1105 Crewed Fast
WAYFARER (S/H) 1087 Single Fast

For crewed boats sailing single-handed where a specific single-handed PN is NOT

listed above a PN shall be calculated as follows:-

single-handed PN = crewed PN * 62 / 63)

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