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Racing Results

Please e-mail Mark and Kevin at results@wosc.org.uk with any queries.

New to racing? Take a look at this guide.

2020 PY Numbers continue to apply to club racing since 01-MAR-2020; there have been no changes to PY numbers in 2021 and 2022.


Remember that you must sign-on separately for each race

If you don't sign-on you will not get a result.


swlogo30.jpg WOSC uses Sailwave scoring software.

Results Definitions:

DNC = Did Not Compete
DNS = Did Not Start
OCS = On Course Side at start
DNF = Did Not Finish
RET = Retired
DSQ = Disqualification
RDG = Redress Given

Detailed Race Results:

BCE = How much each boat needed to reduce its Elapsed time in order to tie with the winner (on Corrected time).

BCR = The achieved rating (PN) of each boat relative to the winner. This can also be interpreted as the rating (PN) each boat needed to tie with the winner.

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