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WOSC re-opens after the Covid lockdown on 29th March 2021

24/03/2021 12:33 | John Whiteside (Administrator)

WOSC re-opens after the Covid lockdown on 29th March 2021

Up to that date the club remains closed with no entry permitted. Swipe cards will be re-activated from 29th March.

WOSC coronavirus restrictions will follow RYA guidance




·       Outdoor sport permitted.

·       Maintain social distancing.

·       Rule of 6 (or 2 households) applies.



·       Toilets open only.

·       Face coverings & social distancing required.

·       Changing rooms, showers & all other areas closed.

·       Race officers & patrol boat drivers may access necessary areas.

·       Race officers will initially be from a single household.

·       Club boats usage subject to decontamination policy.

·       Mixed households crewing the same boat not permitted unless all RYA mitigation measures are met    https://tinyurl.com/dvupvesp

Further details and risk assessments are in the members section of this website.

Members found to be flouting these instructions will have their membership status reviewed as with any other rule breaches.

The committee will keep the situation under continuous review and follow updates from the Government and the RYA.

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